Recent Supreme Court Cases

Introduction library("tidyverse") Today, I am going to create an overly simplified view of the past 10 Supreme Court decisions for the sake of coding practice with the ggplot package. data source: SCOTUS Blog useful tool: Convert Town’s “Column to Comma Separated Values” function Data Just in case anyone actually uses my blog post, I will type out the data manually instead of load a separate CSV file so that anyone can copy-and-paste the code for replicability.

Supreme Court Confirmations (1967-present)

Introduction Following up on Rachel Wellford’s tweet about Senate votes for Supreme Court confirmations, I decided to try to graph the data. Below, I have a ggplot picture with decent labeling a searchable datatable a plotly interactive graph The data came from Senate.gov. I chose to focus on 1967 onward because it appeared that voting procedures were slightly different before Thurgood Marshall’s nomination process.